Milan - Food, Countryside, Fashion

Ahhhh, Milan. A fashion Mecca, food paradise - destination in its own right - and gateway to some of Italy's most iconic lakes and mountainous celebrity hideaways.

One would be remiss not to touch on the many beautiful assets Milan holds as well as its unwavering reputation for style. The city of Milan is home to, in the so-called Quadrilatero d’Oro (the golden rectangle), the world’s most recognizable luxury, fashion and jewelry boutiques. Many designers find their inspiration here. Moreover, Milan is recognized as the center of couture craftsmanship. It is considered THE place of excellence in terms of Italian designers.

From Fifth Avenue in New York, Bond Street in London, Avenue Montaigne or Avenue des Champs Elysee in Paris, Milan has Via Monte Napoleone, considered one of the most expensive and prestigious streets in the world. Its name dates back to 1804, to the time of Napoleon’s rule. If you view fashion as art, and are as obsessed as we are, you can’t go to Milan without stepping foot in each one of the bottegas that border this street.

Milan Fashion Week

Milan’s bi-annual unmissable event is Milan Fashion Week. This event typically draws thousands of fashion lovers from around the globe, as well as industry professionals and journalists. Every notable renowned designer presents their collections at the September-October and February-March show, and occasionally we are treated with an up-and-comer who steals the stage.

Milano Unica is one of the must-see events for anyone aspiring to be part of the fashion universe. It is focused on not only clothing, but also accessories made in Italy and Europe. Think beautifully crafted leather bags, shoes, hats, scarves and more. It is a very unique opportunity to see the most exclusive designs, as well as a chance to discover emerging designers.

Milan is nothing less than a magical city, bursting with creativity, rich architecture and natural beauty. Like anywhere in Italy, gastronomy is fantastic! Giacomo Arengario is a meet-up spot for fashion and finance professionals, located in the Piazza Duomo. This is the place to be for the chance to try the most delicious spelt spaghetti with mussels while you chat and build your network.

Milan Luxevoyage


If you’re looking to enjoy delicious local cuisine, we recommend L’immagine Bistrot Ristorante. For a truly unique dining experience, visit Ristorante Al Garghet just south of the city. Surrounded by Italy’s beautiful countryside, enjoy natural dishes, cooked according to the rules of the Lombard tradition, rich in many French and Austrian and Spanish influences. Al Peck Ristorante is a solid choice for an elegant dining experience. Visiting their shop, simply named “Peck,” you’ll find yourself in the midst of all sorts of handmade delights, including wines, pastas and the most delicious cheeses. 

It's true. We are in love with travel, culture, history, fashion and food, and we simply adore Milan. 

Be a LuxeVoyager.

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