How does LuxeVoyage work?

LuxeVoyage is a luxury travel concierge service catering to the discerning needs of travelers who are looking for unique, immersive experiences that expose them to cultures, food, sports, fashion or dream-like paradise that are either newly emerging or exclusive in nature; all while staying in luxurious, 4-5 star boutique accommodations, with top-level, personalized service.

What distinguishes LuxeVoyage are the unique, hand-crafted opportunities we offer to enjoy highly localized experiences with local artisans, musicians, restaurateurs, and more.

All LuxeVoyage experiences include the following (subject to personalized requests):

  • Dedicated LV Concierge who will exclusively handle all of your travel needs before, during and after travel concludes
  • Detailed customer profile so that your precise needs/wants are always met
  • 4-5 star luxury, boutique accommodations (*luxury-level major hotel lines also available upon request)
  • 24hr LV White Glove Service
  • Chauffeur service to/from air destinations and accommodations
  • Unique itineraries that are custom-created
  • Custom LuxeVoyage Thank You Gift after your travel plans conclude

What are your service fees?

*Please note… At this time (given current and evolving travel uncertainties based on locale), we are not requiring our standard $2000/year LuxeVoyage Exclusive Membership Fee. We have instead chosen to limit our fees based on itinerary. Please see below…

Each travel itinerary begins with a LuxeVoyage Experience Profile. We gather all critical details for your custom-made experience, including detailed desires for what you’d like to include. We then provide you with a Customer Commitment document and collect a $500 concierge fee which is credited to your experience once booked.

Now the work begins! 

We put a tremendous amount of time and effort making sure your experience is a 10 out of 10. We create up to two versions of itineraries for you, working with you all along the way. Once you choose to purchase, we collect full payment and credit your concierge fee to the total experience cost. 

Should you choose not to purchase your LuxeVoyage Experience, we retain our concierge fee. The same applies if travel is booked and subsequently canceled prior to travel. We do, however, offer many options for travel insurance so that if your trip is canceled or interrupted by factors beyond your control, you’ll be covered!