About Us

Megan Gallagher

We've traveled the world with an undying passion for learning, personal and professional expansion, and broadening our views. Over time, our tastes have become more refined. We seek meaningful, immersive experiences that create extraordinary and lasting memories; not just in travel, but also in how we engage with the brands we love that make up our daily  experiences. We work with your team to create an elevated level of brand experience, engagement and brand loyalty within your customer base. 

By custom-curating branding and marketing solutions for you and your audience, you'll never feel like just another client. We become an extension of your brand, embodying the passion, accelerating reach, increasing engagement with existing customers, and nurturing leads in meaningful ways to create higher conversion rates.

Whatever segment of the luxury sector your brand serves, we seek to understand the audience at the deepest level and work to transform your growth goals into strategy and action.


 LuxeVoyage™ is a women-owned and operated business.